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About this Love Calculator

This love calculator ignores the usual behaviour of displaying random numbers like other relation ship meters usually do and, instead, using mystical powers of randomness and chaos presents you two objects which has relationship similar to a couple whose names were entered in the form fields above.


Using Love Calculator is very simple - you enter two names in the form above and click "Calculate" button. Order does not matter, but in some cases results can make more or less sense, depending on the gender of person entered. Capital letters has no impact on the relationship results.

You can also easily share the result page with your friends or foes using a direct link or facebook, google+ and twitter buttons.


We would be very greateful if you'd help us to expand our database of possible relationships. If you have some crazy, funny or cute relationship between two objects/people/whatever in your mind, then go to a relationship suggestion box and send it to us!


If you'd like to contact us for whatever reason you have, drop an email to snottyapps@gmail.com

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